image of Kym Coco holding umbrellaHi, I’m Kym Coco. I L-O-V-E being by the ocean! The feel of the sand between my toes, the smell of the fresh saltwater floating through the breeze, and the sound of the crashing waves upon the shore. These sensations, coupled with the view of a beautiful sea, have the ability to clear the mind and calm the heart.

It’s my goal that you experience the same clarity, peace, and joy with the use of each of the products you’ll find on this site (whether you’re near the sea or far from it).

There are incredible Inspire Me Creations products, such as yoga mats and eye pillows, that blend science and beauty into fabulous gifts for yourself and others. If you’re into reading, there are insightful and experiential books in the It Just Makes Sense series to teach you how to reduce stress, improve communication, and reach your goals. And, if living abundantly is your thing, there is a 365-day guide to health, wealth and happiness. This is even accompanied with a 10-disc audio set.

So, check out the wonderful content on this site, watch some of the videos, and get inspired by these creations.


The Latest News!

Peace Yoga MatThe Connect Me yoga mats are here, with the word PEACE around the border in various languages from around the world. Truly a stunning and meaningful addition to your yoga practice.

power of relaxation

With over ten years of teaching in the areas of yoga, meditation, and stress reduction, many individuals often ask about the importance of relaxation. Check out this article which explains the value of rest for the body, mind, and spirit… and how some of our Inspire Me Creations products can facilitate the relaxation response for you! Read more here.